Awards Program for Student Achievement


This is based on the understanding that all students wish to achieve and to please their parents and their teachers. At HASIS, rewards start in the classroom with verbal praise and encouragement. Written praise and encouragement, together with any suggestions for improvement, will be made in the student’s assignments and Contact Books. For excellent work or behavior, students will collect “house points” to go towards their house point total.

The House System

Each House is organized by a House Leader (a teacher) assisted by House Captains. All students and teachers (with the exception of the Principal, Assistant-Principals, and Counselors) belong to a House. Houses are a vital part of the rewards system. The system is also designed to instill loyalty and teamwork, and to encourage and facilitate competition within the School.


The following awards will be given to students for their outstanding achievement once a year:

  • Chairman’s Award: Outstanding student award for academic and character.
  • Principal’s Award: The student(s) in each grade level who score the highest average.
  • Subject Awards: The students in each grade level who hold the highest mark in each subject area.
  • Most Improved Student Award: The student who has shown the greatest improvement during the semester.
  • Citizenship Award: The students who exemplify good citizenship.
  • Perfect Attendance Award: The students who have a perfect record of attendance.