Communication is extremely important in order to create the best possible learning environment for your children. In order to respond effectively and streamline communication, the following process should be followed:

Contact the Homeroom Teacher/Subject Teacher when you have questions regarding:

  • Your child's academic programme, progress, and report card
  • Performance in class work, and homework
  • Child's behaviour /attire at school - Peer issues in class and school
  • Student textbooks
  • Curriculum matters in the class
  • Field trips - School events, class events, fund raisers

Contact the Receptionists when you have questions regarding:

  • Scheduling an appointment with a teacher
  • Attendance - Student records - Registration - Transcripts - Official forms
  • Transportation - Uniforms - Textbooks
  • Reports or information on sick child - Attention to medical conditions - Vaccination - Dietary requirements
  • Medical information sheet - Contact for special instructions concerning sick child for the day

Contact an Assistant Principal when you have questions regarding:

  • Escalating and/or unresolved issues from home tutors/subject teachers
  • Teacher related issues
  • Class and exam timetables
  • Change of options/courses/year level
  • Curriculum matters at year level

Contact a Counselor when you have questions regarding the following:

  • Student affairs
  • Behaviour concerns
  • University applications and procedures

Contact a Librarian when you have questions regarding the following:

  • Borrowed books from the library
  • Lost library books

Contact the Principal when you have a question regarding:

  • General operation of the school
  • Policies, rules, and regulations
  • Comments, concerns, issues about the operation of the school, staff, etc
  • Escalating and/or unresolved issues from teachers and /or administrators
  • Maintenance concerns and facilities issues
  • Security issues


Tel :   968 25562574 

Remember that the teacher is the most knowledgeable person concerning their classroom, and your child's performance.

If you have questions or concerns about either of these areas, make an appointment to see the teacher in question before anything else. If you wish to arrange a conference with a teacher, you can contact the office between 7:30 A.M. and 3:00 P.M., and they will help set up a time for the visit. Please remember that our faculty is here to help you, and will try to answer any questions or resolve any problems. Parents who may have difficulty with English may request the help of a school assigned translator.