Information about the route followed at Seashell

IPC Route

Age Cycle Term 1 Term 2 Term 3
3-5 Year A Family & Friends Animals Houses & Homes Sand and Water Bears Lets Pretend
3-5 Year B Going Places Clothes Food Changes Shopping Traditional Tales
3-5 Year C All about Me Treasure Plants and Flowers Up, Up & Away Patterns Nursery Rhymes
6-7 Year A Holidays Buildings The Senses Clothes How Are You? Time Detectives
6-7 Year B Media Magic Let's Celebrate Flowers & Insects A to B A to B continued The Toymaker
8-9 Year A Time and Place Earth and Space Paintings, Pictures & Photographs Living Together Inventions that changed the world Footprints from the Past
8-9 Year B Chocolate Treasure The Active Planet Do you live around here?
10-12 Year A Climate Control What Price Progress Myths and Legends Full Power Making New Materials Fit For Life
10-12 Year B Weather & Climate They See the World Like This The Time Tunnel What a Wonderful World Water for Everyone Fairgrounds
10-12 Year C Express Yourself Space Explorers Go With the Flow Switched On Going Global