Information about whole school events

Throughout the year, we organise a number of additional events.  These events are held for many reasons:

  • To give the children a chance to learn beyond the demands of the curriculum.
  • To allow all the children in school to learn together – not just in their individual class.
  • To allow the children to interact with the children from HASIS school – some of the events are held collaboratively.
  • To learn more about the home countries of our pupils and our host country Oman.
  • To take part in worldwide events.
  • To allow parents to become more actively involved in their children's learning.
  • To make learning fun.
  • To enhance the children's learning opportunities.
  • To celebrate learning.

Some of the events we have been involved in so far this year are:

  • National Day Celebrations
  • Mother Language Day
  • World Maths Day
  • Book Day - Traditional Tales
  • Walkathon
  • Swimming Gala
  • Sports Day
  • Arts Festival
  • Trips to and from Bilad Sur School.