Every student at Hay Al-Sharooq International School is assigned to one of four Houses: Blue (Wolves), Green (Turtles), Purple (Owls) and Yellow House (Tigers) within the School. These Houses, each with an equal number of pupils, provide smaller communities within the school, allowing children to identify with staff and other students outside their own year group, while giving them a focus of identity beyond their year and mentor groups.

There are full House meetings once a month where each member of each House come together under the direction of the Housemaster or Housemistress. Healthy competition is also established between Houses through school sports, arts, and academic competitions. Housemasters and mistresses monitor all aspects of a pupil's career at HASIS from academic progress to personal development and disciplinary matters, while providing a pastoral tier higher than the tutor.

Encouragement of pupils' efforts lies at the heart of the HASIS community. Staff are always ready to give praise where it is due, both in academic and extra-curricular situations. Staff will take care to inform Tutors of the successes and achievements of individual pupils. Housemasters and Housemistresses keep the Principal informed of pupils' successes, so that other members of the school may learn of their achievements and take pride in what they have done.