Our History

Hay Al-Sharooq International School is an independent educational LLC, fully owned by Oman Development Foundation (ODF). HASIS was founded in 2002 in a small facility in the OLNG compound to provide an education to the young children of locals and expatriates working for OLNG. At this location, the School grew from just fifty to over seven hundred children and in time provided an education for girls and boys from the ages of three to seventeen. In the last few years, it became clear the School required a new, modern facility to take it to the next level, and HASIS opened in its new home external to the OLNG compound in September 2018.


Our Vision

Hay Al-Sharooq International School provides a unique international educational opportunity in Sur. At the heart of the school’s ethos are the needs of the children. We cater for these needs by providing a nurturing environment providing opportunities for academic achievement and fostering individual talents and strengths. Differentiated planning and innovative and highly effective teaching strategies ensure we are able to provide the children with opportunities to develop their academic and interpersonal skills whilst they learn and grow at HASIS.
The School welcomes expatriate and Omani families alike, with students from a wide range of nationalities whilst retaining a family and community atmosphere. The School is a fully accredited member of the Council of International schools.

Our Environment

The School follows the standards of the English and Omani Educational systems in both the Primary and Senior phases, taught by teachers from the UK and around the world. Our classes are very well resourced with up-to-date resources, texts and schemes of work. We encourage our students to use ICT across the curriculum and every classroom is equipped with an interactive smart screen. At HASIS we provide purpose-build facilities and resources in academic, creative and performing subjects with teaching via the medium of English, it provides the students of HASIS with the potential to access University in the UK, USA and the rest of the world.

Helping you learn

EAL (English as an Additional Language) is a vital part of the process of education at HASIS. Younger children may join us with a limited command of the English language. We consider this to be a normal expectation at the outset; it is our role to educate the child in English as quickly and effectively as possible. Direct support is given to students individually or in small groups for as long as required before the student is returned to the normal pattern of lessons. The EAL teachers also support entire classes in the normal timetable where a particular need has been identified in order to ensure the new children understand the standard pattern of lessons, socialise with classmates and English speakers, and assimilate the HASIS ethos.
In addition to EAL, we have a team of Learning Support teachers and Learning Coaches who can provide additional support with literacy, numeracy and study skills. Students who require such lessons are taught in small groups during selected lessons or are supported in free time.

Mentor Groups and Class Teachers

Pastoral care is a significant element of life at Hay Al-Sharooq International School and we recognise that good tutoring has a key role to play in providing energetic young people with the levels of advice and support they need. In essence, happy students work harder, achieve more and are more likely to succeed in the whole range of activities that are on offer at HASIS. Pastoral support is provided by the whole community, but each student has their own class teacher or form tutor, who looks after them and is the first port of call for questions and inquires. Depending on their age, a student will spend a differing amount of time with their class teacher/tutor, ranging from nearly all of the day in Nursery and Reception to a morning and afternoon meeting in Grade Six and above. The tutor’s role is to become the expert on each of their mentees, and to understand and support them in their life at the School.