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Each group of KG1 and KG2 share a well-resourced central area, where they are encouraged to mix with children from other classes, in their daily free-flow time. The children also have access to a big outdoor playground. In addition to their teacher, each class has its own teaching assistant, as well as weekly sessions with specialist teachers for Arabic, music and PE.


Within the Primary, our curriculum focuses on guiding children through seven core areas of learning: Physical development, Personal, social and emotional development, and Communication and language, Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design. While safety is paramount, we want to create a nurturing environment to encourage our children to take on tasks and challenges that push them beyond their comfort zone.


At HASIS, we value our sense of community and regularly create opportunities for children in the older years of the school, to come into the classrooms at KG level to help them with their reading and writing. We also invite parental involvement and welcome parents into the classroom to share their expertise and get a snapshot of what their children are doing on a daily basis.


We’ve identified continuity of learning as a key marker for success, so we pay particular attention to the transitions between year groups. Before children start KG1, we invite them for a stay and play session to help settle them in, and when it’s time for them to move up to KG2, students have jump-up days to introduce them to the next stage.


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Secondary Curriculum

HASIS secondary serves children in grade 6 to 12. The school has developed a bespoke curriculum which is tailored to the school context that serves children who need both an international and Arabic curriculum. All students follow Cambridge Checkpoint, Arabic and Islamic studies and the HASIS International Middle Years Curriculum between grades 6-8. Students then progress at Grade 9 into IGCSE’s, and at the end of Grade 10 options are considered for the Ministry of Education approved GED courses which are examined at the end of Grade 12. These important studies inform outcomes that provide the foundation for progression to University. Additionally, in 2020 we will be offering an international pathway for students at Grade 11. We will be offering Cambridge A ‘Levels to support those students and parents who have aspirations to join international universities.


Grade 6 to Grade 8 The HASIS Middle Years Curriculum


The HASIS curriculum for Lower Secondary students consists of the Cambridge Checkpoint for English, Math and Science. This enables students to progress successfully to Cambridge IGCSEs, not only in these subjects, but a wider offer that is presented in Grade 9. Parallel to this, students will participate in the HASIS International Middle Years Curriculum where we have a conceptual approach to learning. This is based on curriculum models seen in many international schools globally. Representatives of these curriculum organizations meet with school leaders regularly to advise on progress and planning and ensure quality assurance with monitoring visits. Students study ICT, Humanities, Art, Music, PE and the non-Arabic international students learn to speak Arabic as a second language. All students are supported to meet their learning goals, consider international mindedness and develop wider skills so that they become successful in their studies. Furthermore, Omani students participate in Arabic, Islamic Studies and Social Studies, which is closely supervised and monitored by the Ministry of Education.


Grade 9 – 10 Cambridge IGCSE


In the Upper Secondary students are offered the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) which is the world's most popular international qualification for 14–16-year olds. It develops successful students by giving them excellent preparation for their next steps in education and the step toward University with GED and A Levels, and this phase also equips them with skills for immediate employment. The Cambridge IGCSE is recognized by universities and employers worldwide, which is an internationally based curriculum, allowing teaching to be placed in a localized context and making learning relevant in different regions. It is also suitable for students whose first language may not be English and this is acknowledged throughout the examination process. To seek more information about the Cambridge IGCSE, please refer to: www.cie.org.uk. As well as subjects studied in the Lower Secondary we also have additional IGCSE options of: Business Studies, Geography, Environmental Studies, Travel and Tourism, Physical Education, English Literature, French, Spanish, Global Perspectives, ICT and Art and Design. As a school we are actively suiting the curriculum to the cohort and this will be ongoing from year to year.  Annually we will consider the needs of the students along with staffing, resourcing and timetabling.


Grade 11 to 12 GED Syllabus


For students to progress into the final phase of secondary they must study at GED level, to do this students will need to achieve the attainment threshold set by the MoE. Once successful students choose subjects in a similar fashion to IGCSE.  There are core subjects that all students must follow consisting of: English, Math, Arabic, Islamic Studies, Social Studies, and Science. All students must study a minimum of one Science but can access all three is they wish. If this is not a preferred option, then other subjects can be chosen. These are: Business Studies, ICT, Physical Education and Art and Design.


As mentioned earlier we are currently developing our plans for an exciting offer for students with aspirations to attend International Universities and who wish to study Cambridge International A ‘levels. This development will be available for students choosing options for the 2020/2021 academic year. We fully intend to maximize our growth in this area over the next few years as we go from strength to strength. 

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