HASIS House system aims to bring all students together irrespective of age, in order to develop a caring and safe environment that encourages competition, leadership and achievement. This is also linked to HASIS Middle Years Curriculum where we encourage our students to develop personal qualities such as enquiry, adaptability, resilience, thoughtfulness, cooperation and respect in order become ‘Internationally Minded’ young people.  

There are now four ‘Pastoral leaders’ formally known as ‘Head of house’.


Staff are now responsible for our children in their Key stages which are as follows.

Vicky Squire, Pastoral leader for – Grade 1 & 2 (Key stage 1)
David Jones, Pastoral Leader for – Grade 3, 4 & 5 (key stage 2)
Kai Downham, Pastoral Leader – Grade 6, 7 & 8 (key Stage 3)
Cecilia Sanchez Martin – Pastoral Leader -Grade 9, 10, 11 & 12 (Key stage 4 & 5)

Children are still allocated a house colour each, which help form teams when there is a competition happening. Each pastoral leader helps organise all house colours for their grades/ key stages.

Student Council

The Student Council is our system that enables the students to have a voice within HASIS and gives them the opportunity to introduce, develop and lead on projects which enhance the community, both in school and externally. These events are supported by staff to help and encourage this activity.  


For students to be appointed as a Student Council Representative they must present a speech to their form class. They explain why they would be best suited to the role and outline their strengths, commitment to the group and some of their ideas. Candidates are then voted on by their classmates using a secret ballot system, and from these, two students from each class are chosen. Students are expected to fulfil certain expectations, such as attending student council meetings, being a positive role model and support their peers by putting forward ideas to school council meetings on behalf of their class.