Our Teacher

We have highly qualified teachers from around the world.

Our teachers inspire every child

Here at HASIS, we very much recognise that it is impossible to deliver a world-class education to all our students unless every child has a very well-prepared teacher. Our school is led by a highly skilled Principal, and all educators work within the school environment that supports them to do their best work and continuously improve.

Within our school, teachers do not stop learning and ‘growing’ once they have completed their induction programme. Improving the competence of currently serving teachers and leaders is a priority, as we are designed to serve this purpose. Career ladders are created to develop the skills of the current teacher workforce establishing a culture and organization that supports continuous improvement of the school.

Teachers at the ‘upper’ levels of their career serve as mentors to new teachers and lead teams in the process of observing lessons, improving their practice and their instructional tools and materials, reviewing assessment data, and involving themselves in school-based research on ways to improve student learning.