The promotion and retention of students from Grades 4 to 12

To be promoted to the next grade, students must achieve an overall passing grade. If a student fails three subjects or more at the end of the academic year, the student will not be allowed to sit make- up exams and he/she must repeat the year. If a student fails less than three subjects, he/she will be allowed to sit the make-up exams at the end of Semester 2. A passing mark on each make-up exam covering the concepts taught during the entire academic year is required for passing the year.


If a student does not attend the make-up exam(s) in August or does not achieve a passing score, he/she will automatically repeat the year or be requested to transfer at the discretion of the Principal. Retentions usually occur at the end of the academic year because students have failed to demonstrate subject competency for lack of interest, effort, and work in general. If retention appears to be a possibility after the first semester’s report card, parents will be notified and a conference will be arranged before the decision by HASIS is finalized. The School Administration reserves the right to retain a student who has been excessively absent from school.