Student Support

HASIS is committed to the provision of a welcoming, inclusive environment which enables all students to participate and excel irrespective of race, gender, creed or identified additional educational needs (AEN).

The Learning Support department at HASIS is known as The Student Tutoring and Resource (STAR) Centre. It is staffed by a team of qualified and experienced SEN and EAL Teachers who maintain high expectations for all students and follow a graduated response of assessment, planning, provision implementation and review.

Where students are identified as having AEN, they may receive additional support within their lessons or if required, may be withdrawn for short periods to work with a specialist adult, individually or in a small group in one of our three dedicated STAR rooms. The support provided is tailored to the four areas of learning needs: communication and interaction, cognition and learning, social emotional and mental health and sensory and physical. On some occasions, the school may recommend further assessments by external specialist services, such as medical staff, educational psychology, occupational therapy and speech and language therapy.

Additionally, children who are identified as more able, demonstrating particular aptitude in a curriculum area, will be given opportunities to extend their learning in class, and may work on challenges outside the classroom. On application, parents are asked to share all known information, including any supporting documentation received from specialists regarding their child’s AEN or possible AEN. This will help us to ensure the student’s current and likely future needs can be met.

We invite all prospective and current parents to get in touch with any AEN-related questions, comments or concerns.

Please contact: The Assistant Principal – Inclusion, Miss Jacqueline Hamilton at or the SENCO, Mrs Michelle Thomas-Seymour at