School wear should be comfortable, practical, and appropriate for the working day and portray a good image of the school to all visitors. All students will wear the approved and complete school uniform at all times, including during bus transportation to and from school, during examinations, before and after school hours and on week-ends if representing the school and/or participating in school activities.

Cleanliness and neatness are basic requirements. Modification(s) of school uniforms will not be accepted. It is advisable for all clothing to be clearly marked either in indelible ink or by personal name tapes. Grade Eleven Female students should wear the approved uniform at all times. If a girl chooses to wear a headscarf, it must be white. Hair should be kept neat in style and brushed well off the face. Hair longer than collar length must be tied back for safety purposes. Nail varnish and makeup must not be worn. Girls with pierced ears may wear small stud/sleeper earrings. All other pierced jewelry is not accepted. The school is not responsible for any jewelry items which may be misplaced or lost at school.

Male students should also wear the approved uniform at all times. Omani boys in Grades Five and above also have the option of wearing Omani national dress; a white dishdasha, ma'ssar or kumma. Boys hair should be kept short. As most of the School has tiled flooring, it is highly recommended that students wear dark coloured, closed-in shoes [or trainers] with rubber soles. Sandals are acceptable only for those students wearing Omani national dress. To protect students, aprons, safety glasses and other safety-wear will be provided during art and laboratory lessons and must be worn. Uniform sports kit should be worn during PE lessons. Students may wear a watch (to be given to P.E. staff during P.E. lessons if required), and one other item of discreet neckwear.