International Business student, at German University of Technology in Oman

‘HASIS was like a second mother to me, this being because I spent 90% of my life in it. It taught me how to be responsible and respectful to the people around me. I will always wish I could repeat my years at HASIS’

Manar Al Mashani

Commercial Law, Modern College of Business and Sciences

‘ I spent 13 years in HASIS, I enjoyed most of my time on it. All teachers were great and HASIS basic learning helped me now in my life’.

Maryam Al Mukhaini

Chemical Engineering. Sultan Qaboos University

I enrolled in Hasis from 2005 to 2018, hasis life is wonderful, I meet people from different parts of Oman, we were in same classes. I learned more from my teachers who are from different countries. Therefore, I learn more about various cultures, they were supporting me and assisting me specifically in my last year. I still remember mr S. Reddy who change my concept of physics, and he make it easy and enjoyable.

Hamed Saif Al Harthi