Dear Parents,

First of all, a very warm welcome.

Thank you for taking the time to look at the Hay Al-Sharooq International School (HASIS) website.


I would like to begin with a quote of his Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said “Oman can only continue her development and enable her community to cope proficiently and keep pace with all the changes taking place around it, if she has ambitious young people with strong characters and a deep sense of responsibility and patriotism.”


Having said that, we at HASIS we have centred all our educational efforts on one single idea: to empower the youth of this nation and to bring the best of thought, action and purpose to produce young, thoughtful people who are the bright future of Oman. Therefore HASIS students live by the ethos of being brave, confident and innovative.


HASIS brings children together from many nations to learn and grow together. Our experienced and fully qualified team of both local and British teachers are dedicated to providing children with the very best that international education has to offer. We wish to stand proud as a beacon of academic excellence; the life lessons of lasting impact and great worth: self-discipline, integrity of character, care for others, and a sense of values permeate every aspect of your child’s time here.


The School provides education for boys and girls from the ages of three to seventeen. All students study a common core of Mathematics, English and Science taught in English and following the Cambridge International specifications. Expatriate children then follow the International Primary Curriculum between the ages of five and eleven and International Middle Years Curriculum from eleven to fourteen for all other subjects, with additional elements such as the study of Arabic as a second language. Omani children also follow the Omani Ministry of Education Arabic Curriculum in full from Grades One to Eight. Our curriculum prepares all students to sit for the rigorous Cambridge IGCSEs in Grade Ten, and the General Education Diploma of Oman in Grade Twelve. We aim to see all our students confident to take their rightful place amongst the best and the brightest, able to work at any level in any part of the world. Thus, we provide tailor-made advice and support for university entrance worldwide to ensure their futures are secure.


Education does not only take place in the classroom but on the sports pitch, performing on stage or exploring in the field, and so all students at HASIS are encouraged to take challenges, developing existing interests and trying new ones via participation in our after-school activity programme. A child’s time at school must be a period of growth for each individual to explore their mind's full potential. As the children develop, they have the chance to become an elder of the school, to mentor younger children, to put something back into the community; to learn to lead. These elements combine to provide our pupils with the knowledge and skills to thrive in a globally mobile, competitive world.


The best way to experience a School is to visit it and I urge you to consider joining one of our weekly school tours to meet the staff and children, and see the outstanding facilities which we enjoy. I look forward to the opportunity to speaking with you personally.


Mostafa Saudi


Principal Interim


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