Hay Al-Sharooq International School (HASIS) is owned by Oman Development Fund (ODF). Governance of HASIS is the responsibility of the HASIS Board of Trustees, of which the Principal is a non-voting member. The role of the HASIS Board of Trustees is to set policies, agree on strategies and endorse standards and practices that ensure safe, secure and caring learning environments for all the children in which they can realize their full potential. The HASIS Board of Trustees is also charged with ensuring effective and efficient management of the School through:


  • Establishing and ensuring an administrative structure that provides the means for excellence in education for the children.
  • Working collaboratively with the Principal and the Parents Teachers Associations (PTA) to develop a shared vision for the School.
  • Guidance by the Principal in adopting and endorsing academic standards based on high and realistic expectations and quality.
  • Receiving and reviewing regular reports from the Principal on academic performance and improvements.